Z-Star Manual Juicer

Z-Star Manual Juicer Review

Never run out of fresh fruit and wheatgrass juices for your family anytime anywhere.  To enjoy the great tasting, natural wheatgrass juice, a trip to the neighborhood juice bar is no longer necessary; thanks to the stylish z-star manual juicer. This single auger design from Tribest allows you to extract all the nutritious juice from each wheatgrass blade using a gentle and extremely efficient process that leaves the pulp bone-dry.

Rejuvenating your body system with the natural goodness of wheatgrass bountiful share of minerals, vitamins and nutrients is no longer an expensive endeavor and juicing takes place in your kitchen.


Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

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Key Features

The manually operated juicer allows users to enjoy the benefits of the high chlorophyll concentration and hundreds of live enzymes contained in wheatgrass juice, from wherever they are; on the road or at home. It a portable, lightweight and multi-purpose – you can juice fruits, vegetable, and leafy greens as well.

  • Unique single-auger modern design
  • Lightweight, portable and space-saving
  • Versatile, juices wheatgrass and a wide variety hard/soft fruits and vegetables.
  • Manually operated – electricity is not a requirement
  • Designed to extract juice from each wheatgrass blade gently and efficiently to give high quality, great tasting, nutritious juice

Ease of use

This single auger wheatgrass juicer is easy to use. Small bunches of wheatgrass are placed into the funnel-shaped opening and tamped down the chute with the plunger provided. Turning/cranking the auger crushes and pushes produce through the stainless steel filter. The process continues until the wheatgrass pulp is devoid of any juice. The juice flows from the juicing nozzle, at the bottom of the juicer ensuring minimal wastage, while the pulp falls out through the opening at the front end. The crank handle is specially designed and fits snugly in the palm.

The manufacturer vaunts the wheatgrass juicer as the affordable and most effective way to make great-tasting and nutritious juice from wheatgrass, vegetables, and fruits.


  • Easy to mount and dismount on any flat working surface such as a tabletop or a kitchen counter.
  • The z-star manual juicer is quickly taken apart for cleaning and can be assembled intuitively.
  • Extracts juice from a wide range of fruits vegetables and even leafy greens in addition to wheatgrass.
  • Specially designed for wheatgrass and extracts more juice from wheatgrass than any other juicer in the market.
  • Ideal for camping and picnics as it requires no electricity to operate.
  • The juice is of higher quality and tastes better than the marketed variety in the market.


  • Sometimes the wheatgrass pulp tumbles into the juice container – this can be counteracted by using a tall glass or raising the juice collector on a plate to keep the nutritious extract free of pulp.
  • Cannot handle whole vegetables and fruits – this, however, is quickly surmounted by dicing vegetable such as carrots and fruits such as apples into smaller pieces and then adding them to the juicer.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The wheatgrass manual juicer is made of aluminum and non-BPA plastics materials. The parts are easy to disassemble after the juicing process and to clean individually. The central parts of the juicing machine such as the filter screen are made of stainless steel and thus are strong and durable. Proper drying of these parts is important and advisable in order to maintain proper functioning of the z-star manual juicer.

Customer Reviews

The z-star manual juicer has received rave reviews from satisfied users on Amazon. Over a hundred consumers have left feedback on the wheatgrass juicer and have rated it highly. Things they liked about the juicer included that it was easy to use, easy to assemble, the quality of juice produced. They also lauded its capability to extract juice from both hard and soft vegetable, as well as a wide range of fruits. They also appreciated the highly efficient manual juice extraction process that obtained significantly more juice from their produce.

The manual aspect of the juicer resonated well with customers who had previously experienced mishaps with electrical juicers. The quality of the juice produced with the manual wheatgrass juicer was a clear winner for many of the customers.

Some customers expressed concerns about the pulp mixing with the extracted juice but sitting the juice collecting container a little higher surmounted this minor problem.

Parts, Support & Warranty

  • The manual wheatgrass juicer consists of the Main Base; the Handle; a Table Clamp; the Auger Housing Retaining Ring; Auger Housing; Auger; Funnel; Juicing Screen; Screen Locking Cap; Juicing Nozzle; Plastic Plunger; Juice Container and a Cleaning Brush.
  • The base, crank, clamp, and auger are made of metal but the funnel, juicing screen, locking cap, and the juicing nozzle are made of BPA free plastic materials.
  • The company website lists a toll-free number in case of any complaints and offers quick and professional support. The company also provides support through emails and can be contacted through various social media platforms.
  • Replacement parts for the Juicer are also available from the manufacturing company.
  • A 12 months warranty covers the products from the production company.


The z-star manual juicer makes a great buy for the healthy living enthusiasts whole appreciate great tasting, natural wheatgrass juice without any additives. It is also a recommended buy for anyone who enjoys high-quality fresh juice from vegetables and fruits.

It is a sturdy addition to your kitchen, delivers quality juices every day without running up your electricity bill. It is the ultimate solution to get your children and loved ones to change their negative perception about various vegetables.

For the avid juicing fraternity, the wheatgrass juicer lets you maximize the juice produced from your wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables and in the process reduces your grocery expenses. It also allows you to expand the variety of juices being served in your house – with this incredible product you can juice just about any fresh fruits and vegetables in the market.

The z-star manual juicer is a must have the product the families seeking to enjoy the healthy goodness of fresh vegetables and fruits. Grab one today and join the healthy bandwagon.


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