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Omega Juicer Comparison – J8005, J8006 & VRT350


omega juicer comparisonAre you planning on buying a top masticating juicer in the market today? If your answer is yes, look no further. This article will help you choose the best juicer out there by comparing three of the best Omega masticating juicers i.e. the Omega J8005, J8006 and VRT350 juicers. All these juicers have received top ratings from a professional and non professional standpoint. So which is best Omega masticating juicer of them all? To get an answer to this, let’s first of all compare the J8005 with the J8006 then compare the J8006 with the Omega VRT350 juicer.

Omega J8005 vs J8006

The Omega J8006 is obviously and upgrade of the J8005. This shouldn’t however be mistaken to mean that the J8006 is better simply because it’s an upgrade. There are a lot of things to consider before ranking a masticating juicer. The capabilities and individual tastes and preferences among other factors matter a lot therefore it’s not accurate to rate an upgrade as better then the predecessor without an in-depth review.

The Omega J8005 measures 14.5 by 6.5 by 15.5 inches. The juicer is perfect for juicing wheat grass and leafy greens like herbs, parsley and spinach. The juicer can juice both hard and soft vegetables & fruits. The Omega J8005 is a multipurpose juicer i.e. you can use the juicer as a grinder, homogenizer, food processor and pasta extruder. The juicer can also grind coffee beans, baby food, frozen desserts and home-made pasta. Such capabilities are missing in most masticating juicers in the market today. It is also worth noting that the juicer operates using a dual stage juicing system which produces extremely dry pulp indicating 100% juice extraction. Nothing goes to waste. The J8006 is also quiet which makes it usable in any environment.

As mentioned above, the Omega J8006 is an upgraded version of the J8005. The juicer therefore has all the same features plus some additional upgrades to make the juicer better than its predecessor. For instance, the J8006’s auger is sturdier and harder which makes the J8006 more durable. Another notable tweak in the J8006 is its non-heating features during mastication. Unlike the J8005, the J8006 doesn’t produce any heat at all which means that the resulting juicer retains all the nutrients. It is worth noting that heat reduces the nutritional value of fruit and vegetable juices. The J8006 also comes with an extended warranty i.e. from 10 to 15 years.

In a nutshell, the main differences between the J8005 & J8006 lies in durability, non-heating features and warranty period. Both juicers will satisfy your needs however, the J8006 will produce better quality juice since it doesn’t heat. The difference in quality is however minimal. If your focus is price, you can settle for the J8005 otherwise, the J8006 is more durable hence the extended warranty period.

Omega VRT350HD vs 8006

Having understood the main differences between the Omega J8005 and J8006, let’s now shift our focus to the main differences between the VRT350HD and J8006. It is however important to mention their similarities first. First and foremost, the juicers are made by the same manufacturer; Omega. Also, both juicers are perfect for juicing wheat grass and leafy greens. Also, both juicers are single auger. They are all slow i.e. 80RPM which is good because they produce better quality juice. So what are the main differences?

One of the main differences between the VRT350HD and the J8006 is size i.e. the Omega J8006 measures 6.5 (width) by 14.5 (diameter) by 15.5 (height), inches compared to the VRT350HD’s 7(width) by 8.5 (diameter) by 15.5 (height). From the above dimensions, the Omega VRT35O obviously takes less counter space. It is however worth noting that both juicers are pretty compact. In regards to colour, the J8006 is available in chrome and black colours while the VRT350 is available in silver and black colours.

In regards to performance differences, the J8006 makes juice that is less foamy and pulpy. There is however a simple fix to this which is using the VRT350 alongside a strainer. In regards to clogging, the VRT350 clogs more often than the J8006 according to numerous customer reviews online especially when juicing stringy vegetables. An easy fix for this problem is to cut stringy vegetables into tiny pieces before juicing with the VRT350.

In regards to juicing soft fruits, the VRT350 is better. This shouldn’t however be taken to mean that the J8006 isn’t good enough for juicing soft fruits. The VRT350’s vertical design makes the juicer better for juicing soft fruits since it’s easier to press them through the screen. In terms of versatility, the J8006 is better. The VRT350 is just a juicer. The J8006 is very versatile as mentioned above. In terms of cleaning, both juicers are easy to clean. The J8006 however has fewer parts. In regards to warranty, the VRT350 is bought with a ten year warranty while the J8006 is bought with a fifteen year warranty. In regards to cost, the VRT350 is slightly expensive.


From the above information, it’s clear that choosing the best juicer depends on individual tastes and preferences. The J8006 however comes out better than the J8005 if you don’t mind paying more, you want more durability and an extended warranty. In regards to the J8006 vs. the VRT350, it all depends on your preferences. The J8006 is however hard to beat according to most customer reviews online.