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How To Start Juicing

When it comes to healthy living, juicing is surely a hot topic – and for a good reason, considering juicing benefits. The benefits of fruits and vegetables have been known for centuries, but unfortunately not all of us have the time to consume them in raw form, on a regular basis. This is where juicing steps in and allows them to combine delicious fruits and vegetables into smooth, tasty juice that is especially useful if we are always on the go.

Enjoying the best of juicing, revolves around choosing the right machine from the onset. It is therefore crucial that you acquaint yourself with the different types of juicers that are available in the market to be able to make the right choice. One of these is the Centrifugal juicer. The machine executes juicing by grinding the fruits and vegetables and later pushing the extracted juice through a strainer. It usually spins at a remarkably high rpm, making it the fastest juicer for any user in situations where time is a factor. The other one is the Triturating juicer whose rpm happens to be much slower compared to other juicers. The machine utilizes a two-step process. The first step involves crushing fruits and vegetables, after which juice is processed. One of the key highlights of using this juicer is that it gives the juice substantial traces of enzymes, fiber and vitamins. Thirdly is the Masticating juicer – best known for its single gear. The machine masticates the fibers, breaking up cells in a spinning motion. The process is quite slow but gives the juice excellent quality. The juicer is also ideal for making baby foods, nut butters, fruit sorbets, sauces and banana ice creams.Please also see our juicer buying guide.

Why wouldn’t I just eat fruits and vegetables?

juicing for healthThis is indeed an attention-grabbing question that is asked by many and whose answer is quite simple. The human digestive system is in such a way that solid foods takes hours on end to digest. This translates to delayed nourishment of cells and body tissues. Another thing is that fibers in solid food offer virtually no nourishment to the body but only serves to assist in bowel movement. Extracted juices from fresh fruits and raw organic vegetables nourish the body cells and tissues since the nutritional enzymes they contain take minimal time in digestion and assimilation. One major benefit of juicing is that juices that are extracted through juicing process help quite substantially in boosting the immune system. This safeguards you from chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, Crohn’s disease and many other illnesses that are diet-related. With all the many benefits wrought by juicing, there are some cons that shouldn’t go without a mention. Health experts posit that juicing can in some cases cause foodborne illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting and in some extreme situations, disorders such as hepatitis and kidney failure.


How Many Fruits & Vegetables Per Day?

juicing for healthJuicing for life usually starts by getting the desired blend of fruits and then adding them into the machine one at a time. The time it takes to extract juice is largely determined by the type of juicer you are using. It is advisable that you adhere to the ratio of 4 veggies to 1 fruit should apply. Fresh juices should be consumed immediately after they processed so as to mitigate chances of exposing them to bacteria during storage. This is one safety measure that should be adhered to at all times. There is a wide array of considerations that you need to keep in mind when setting out to buy a juicer. The first one is the juicer type as well as how durable the juicer is. This usually goes in handy with looking at the warranty offer as well as the price. Cheap in many cases turns to be expensive. It is of the essence that you look for one with a quality warranty. A juicer that is premised on longevity should have a warranty of at least 5 years. The user-friendliness of your juicing machine is also quite important. Some of the things you need to consider are the parts you need to assemble any time you need to juice and also the ease of cleaning. The horsepower is also worth of consideration since it plays a key role in determining your juicer’s performance. If you settle for a centrifugal juicer, for example, you should make sure it has a minimum of 700 watt motors. It is essential that you choose a juicer that is quiet since there are some brands whose sounds can you’re your kitchen in to a garage. Centrifugal models tend to perform exceptionally well in this regard when compared to their masticating counterparts. In a nutshell, you should make sure that you have chosen a juicer that best suits your needs.

Why Is Everybody Talking About Natural Juicing?

An important aspect that makes juicing such a commonly debated subject is the fact that it can help you lose weight quickly and with little to no effort. The juice is packed with nutrients and high-quality fibers which will prevent you from feeling hungry, thus allowing you to shed pounds and reach the perfect weight. Many people rely on juicing to get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals, and this technique can actually help you lose up to one pound a day without juicing benefits - beautiful young woman with fruits and vegetables in shoppingsacrificing anything in terms of nutrients – your body gets everything it needs to function properly, the sole difference is that the number of calories (the building blocks of fat) is considerably reduced.

Moreover, juicing is also a popular choice amongst those who want to get a full body detox, as it allows them to cleanse their bodies and remove toxins and impurities. Everybody should do a body detox once in a while, but the process is not exactly a pleasant one – however, this is not the case with juicing, which allows you to purge your body in a fast, efficient, cost-effective and delicious way.

Given the fact that your body gets the nutrients it needs and you lower your sugar intake (given the fact that most fruits are very sweet by default), you will also look better, feel better and have a lot more energy than before. Why opt for supplements and medications when you can feel better with natural and side-effect free techniques?

People will always be concerned about their health and their weight – natural juicing addresses both these issues, and this is what makes it such a popular topic these days. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, juicing is also known to boost your immune system, which is basically the natural defense mechanism of your body and protects it from diseases, viruses and bacteria. By removing impurities and delivering a wealth of nutrients to your body, juicing has a positive impact on your immune system!


What are the health benefits of juicing? Juicing is a simple process in which fruits and vegetables are squeezed to remove all the liquids from the fibrous plant matter. The pulp is discarded and the juice that remains is chock full of vitamins and minerals that will boost a drinker’s health, give them tons of energy and enhance their immune systems. Keep reading to discover the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits.


Concentrating Nutrients Into a Small Package

One of the primary benefits of juicing is its ability to concentrate vast amounts of vegetables and fruits down into one small glass of juice. This concentration eliminates all the filler that comes with fruits and vegetables, leaving only the vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health. When drinking this juice, the body is able to readily absorb all the nutrients since it doesn’t have to process the other substances that have no nutritional value. This makes beverages made with juicers incredibly healthy.

Improving Digestion

Juicing For Weight LossBe healthy! One of the benefits that most people quickly discover when they start juicing is that it greatly improves their digestion. Because the juicer has already done the work of breaking down the tough plant material, the body’s digestive system does not have to work nearly as hard to absorb the nutrients. This allows it to concentrate its efforts on better handling the solid foods that they eat.

Making Healthy Vegetables Palatable

Many juicing proponents feel that the greatest benefit of juicing is its ability to make the bitterest and most hated vegetables palatable. Many of the vegetables that are the best for the health of human beings are also the most disgusting to the human palate. Vegetables like kale and Brussels sprouts are prime examples. Juicing is a great way to get the vitamins and minerals from these healthy vegetables in a delicious manner. Juicer’s mix bitter vegetables with sweet fruits to create delicious cocktails that taste great and pack a nutritional wallop.

Increasing Energy

People that start juicing for the first time will quickly realize that their energy levels start to skyrocket. They will stop feeling sluggish in the middle of the day, and no longer will they have to struggle to get out of bed in the morning. People that juice can quickly replace their morning coffee with a cup of fresh juice that is a much healthier alternative. This energy boost happens because juicing allows people to absorb more vitamins and minerals than they ever have before in their lives, allowing them to start feeling like superheroes.

Detoxifying the Body

Another great benefit of juicing is its detoxification effects on the body. Our bodies are under siege by the modern world. Chemical pollutants and food loaded with saturated fats and corn syrup fill our bodies with toxins that ravage the immune system. Juicing reverses this toxic buildup and gives a major boost to the immune system. Going on a juice fast for a few days will do wonders for the body’s health by ridding it of its impurities and super charging its immune system.

For Weight Loss

Even though juicing should not be taken on as a weight loss diet mentality, replacing juiced foods juicing for weight losswith certain meals does help to shed unwanted pounds without much effort. Many people report losing an average of 1.5 pounds per week without even trying.

However, this requires eating a healthy and well-balanced diet when you are not juicing. This is why, for weight loss, many people recommend replacing the one meal that you always find yourself eating unhealthy with juiced foods. It allows you to remove the extra calories from your day while filling you up and allowing you to get over the craving for ‘bad’ foods.

In the end, the advantages of eating a fruit and vegetable diet are huge. They help you get all the nutrients that the food has to offer quickly and efficiently. They bypass the digestive system, which gives it a break and allows it to do other things that keep you health and strong. And, if you have a few extra pounds to lose, the replacing a meal with juice may be the easiest diet you have ever tried.

People that struggle to lose weight on other diets rave about the wonders of juicing. Because juicing condenses fruits and vegetables down into nutrient laden cocktails, people who juice are able to get their nutritional requirements met by consuming many fewer calories. The energy boost that juicing provides allows people who juice to eat less and still feel full of energy. This allows them to stick to their diets and quickly lose all the weight they desire.


Advantages Of Eating Raw Food For Health

When it comes to a fruit and vegetable diet, there are many advantages of eating raw food as opposed to cooked; however, there are even more advantages to eating those foods juiced. The benefits cannot be ignored, and perhaps this is why juiced foods are making their way into popular fast-food restaurants. But, making them at home is just as easy and allows you to tweak the recipes to give you some unique benefits that your body requires.

When you juice for a fruit and vegetable diet, you are left with a liquid that contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are found in the whole food.

The benefit of drinking juice, as opposed to chewing food, is that the liquid doesn’t have to breakdown in your digestive system. Because of this, all of the nutrients in the juice are 100% bio-available, and go straight into your bloodstream and get carried into your body. If you eat solids foods, though, your digestive system needs to work harder to break down the food, and the nutrients are not bio-available to your body. The more bio-available the nutrients
are, the more you will receive into your body.

Therefore juicing is really good for people who have a sensitive digestive system or illness that causes their body to struggle when trying to digest foods. Juicing bypasses the digestive process and may be answer to a settled stomach and more nutrients ingested.

Even for people who do not have digestive issues, juicing gives their body a break from the digestive system and allows the body to work on other systems in the body for good health. Too often we overwork our digestive system.

But don’t wait too long to drink the juice though because with time the fresh juice oxidizes and then the nutrients get reduced.

What Type Of Juice Is Best?

You can juice all kinds of fruits and vegetable together to give you the nutrients you need. But you can also add certain foods to help alleviate personal issues that you are having. For instance, juicing ginger is recommended to help raise immunity, improve digestion, improve circulation, and aid with nausea.

Most people juice fruit and vegetables together, because the juice is absorbed so quickly into your body, fruit-only juice can cause your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to energy loss, mood swings, and other problems.

When you juice, you are missing out on the fiber that fruits and vegetables offer, and this may be a problem for someone who gets a lot of fiber from their fruits and vegetables. However, the trade off is that you are getting a lot more bio-available nutrients into your body that promote good health.

If you are really concerned about your fiber intake, then you can buy powdered fiber and mix it into your other foods to ensure you get a good amount of fiber in your day. Let the juice stay natural and fiber free to absorb into your body as quickly as possible.

“By Allan Phinney”