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If you have decided to live a longer and healthier life, then you should know that a glass of freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juice is surely a great addition to your diet. However, juicing is an art and few people can actually get a “nutritional boost” out of one glass of juice. The secret lies in combining the ingredients, and here you will find several useful tips on how to improve the nutrition of your juice:

Combine The Ingredients

One of the common mistakes when it comes to making healthy juices is that people rely solely on one fruit or one veggie, when it is important to combine at least two of them healthy juices - fruits and vegetablesfor the best results. While it is true that orange juice alone can indeed deliver a plethora of nutrients, combining it with apples, bananas, kiwis or strawberries will not only add extra taste to your juice, but it will also supplement your intake of Vitamin C and other precious nutrients.

Same applies to veggies – tomato juice or carrot juice is absolutely delicious, but imagine the nutritional intake you would get from combining these two vegetables with ginger, cucumbers, celery, pumpkin, fennel and a wealth of dark leafy greens. This is the only way to get the best out of juicing.

Use Raw Ingredients Only

Another essential aspect that will allow you to improve the nutrition of your healthy juices is to use the fruits and vegetables in raw form – never boil them beforehand, as your juicer is strong enough to chop them in small pieces. If you boil or cook the fruits or vegetables in any way, they can lose part or all of their nutritional value which means that you will be drinking the juice exclusively for its taste, and there is almost no vitamin or mineral intake involved. A good book on healthy juices & smoothies can be found at


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Most Of The Nutrients Are Found In The Peel

It is true that the peel can sometimes be bitter and spoil the taste of the juice, but did you know that a significant amount of nutrients is actually found in the peel? Taking apples as an example, it must be mentioned that the apple skin is full of pectin and flavonoids, two essential compounds that your body needs. All you have to do is to carefully wash your fruits and vegetables before squeezing them, and then simply add the solid remains to the juice – blend them properly and you will have delicious, nutritious healthy juices!

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