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Focus Foodservice 97302 Commercial Juice Press

Product Details

The Juice Press of the Gods – Juice pressers and juicers are notoriously expensive kitchen accessories, but they are well worth owning for the sheer purpose of always having freshly made juice. Finding the right one can be a tough needle-in-the haystack-situation because there are so many to choose from. Luckily there is one juice press that is quickly raving for juice enthusiasts, a commercial grade Olympus X-L by Focus Foodservice. The Olympus stands at 9.25×7.38 inches; with a press measure of 31-inches high with the handle in an upright position. It is constructed with a durable cast iron material and encased with an enamel finish, designed to withstand citric acids, corrosion, and pitting. Its ability to grab hold of a standard glass or larger containers makes this appliance immensely convenient. It comes packed with a stainless steel strainer cone, rubberized handles (for ergonomic grip), and easily removable parts for practical cleaning.


Commercial Quality!

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Unique Features

The Olympus X-L stands to have many positive features in its design. It is simple to look at, but it is a reliable machine. It is very sturdy, given that it’s a cast iron model, which immediately implies durability and stability; it is however, on the heavy side at about 18.7 pounds, but that isn’t a bad thing. It comes equipped with reliably firm rubber suction cup feet that allow secure and safe operation of the Olympus. The stainless steel strainer and funnel cup are easily removable for the convenience of quick cleaning. Most pressers and juicers tend to accumulate rust and mildew; eventually leading to corrosion after extensive use regardless if it was properly cleaned. This model juice press combats the acidic nature of most fruits –citruses for example, with a tough enamel coating. Focus Foodservice apparently boasts this achievement repeatedly in its products. The fact that the press is of commercial quality and standard is what brings a certain attraction for purchase. Many juice pressers on the market today strive to be a top-notch product at reasonable prices, while high end models tend to be commercial grade and very high on the price spectrum, the Olympus juice press is relatively affordable for what it is, which makes it a must own appliance for any kitchen.

Ease of Use

Like most press juicers, the Olympus X-L is pretty simple. Just place any soft fruit into the stainless steel container and press down to squeeze nearly pulp-free juice with unbelievable ease. The base of the legs is a nice feature that does add a convenient quality to the appliance. It can adjust to squeeze juice into a standard sized glass or a large container, like jars or bottles. Still, the ease of use extends farther than how the appliance works; having a reliably easy to clean juicer of any kind is always a plus for anyone. Luckily that’s just what the Olympus offers. The funnel cup and perforated strainer are easily detachable for convenient cleaning. Simply unscrew and unclasp, then under a water faucet they go to wash out every speck and spot. Its stainless steel feature makes clean up very easy.

Pros, Cons, and Insight

Possibly the most outstanding positive feature about the Olympus X-L is that it is very sturdy, easy to use—easy to clean, and requires minimal effort to produce freshly pressed juice every day. It has a near-perfect rating in with most verified purchases declaring it as heavy duty machine and easy to use, even customers who at first were hesitant to buy it, but ultimately took the risk with no regrets whatsoever. It is reasonable why Focus Foodservice is a reliable company in appliance production, they do create quality items at half the cost of real industrial-like commercial machinery. The Olympus X-L is built to last and it delivers what it claims to sell incongruently against other similar products. A detail that is noteworthy is that it is virtually noiseless for such a big juice press, which is always a plus for those that don’t like that irritating grinding sound. With a firm base to hold its nearly 20 pounds, it is assuring to know that the Olympus won’t flail around while trying to press. Still, the Olympus X-L isn’t perfect, but barely misses the mark. Inconsistencies are minor details that could be looked over or fixed given some small measure of patience. The most often heard complaint with the press is that it’s paintwork chips over time and its handle bar is slightly loose which could cause some concern should it ever become too loose and eventually fall off.

Support and Warranty

Focus Foodservice seems to be a relatively newcomer to the marketing and appliance industries, but with a remarkable presence over a wide range of states in the United States and part of Canada. Their support is welcoming with a very visible and easy to find details to contact them at their home site. While the item listing for the Olympus X-L lacked a visible warranty detail, it was not too difficult to contact the company for a precise quote—a standard 1 year warranty, which affirms of their loyalty to their customers to respond promptly and cordially.


Out of all the juice presses and generic juicers in the market today, the Olympus X-L deservingly earns its namesake to represent something powerful and reliable. Its rigid and sturdy structure guarantees it will outlive its 1 year warranty and keep functioning for a very long time. The Olympus X-L by Focus Foodservice comes in high recommendation as the prime juice press for every home. Its minor faults do not outweigh the advantages of the variable features that give this juice press a certain prestige, far from it, the faults are too small and easily repairable or ignored. The risk to invest is well worth the price for a juicer of its size and commercial value. This is one of the best juice presses out there to date. The name I simply quip that it is forged by the gods of Greek mythology and bestowed upon mankind to drink the nectar of nature’s bountiful fruits, or simply said, it is a very well-crafted iron-cast appliance that will surely produce fresh orange juice or any soft fruit desired to consistent satisfaction every single day.

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