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Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer


The Chef’s star Manual Hand-crank juicer is undoubtedly one of the best manual wheatgrass juicers in the market today for juicing vegetables, fruits and wheatgrass. The juicer stands out because of its many outstanding features which are foreign to many manual hand crank single auger juicers. To get a more in-depth understanding on why the juicer stands out, below is a detailed review discussing the juicer’s product details/unique positive features and what customers are saying.


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Chef's Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer

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Product Details

Superior Design Features

The juicer has a simple but effective design featuring a single auger. The juicer also has a strong suction base which provides a firm foundation to surfaces allowing superior functionality. The juicer is also specially designed to separate juice from pulp in one easy/simple step. All this features allow maximum juice extraction

Product Weight & Dimensions

The juicer measures 7 by 7 by 10 inches which is an ideal size for comfortable storage and placement on kitchen countertops. The juicer also weighs one pound only which is a very idea weight for such an effective juicer. Shipping weight is 2 pounds.


The juicer’s weight and dimensions make the juicer portable. You can move the juicer around comfortably.


The juicer has easily detachable parts which make it extremely easy to clean.

Energy Savings

The juicer has a manual hand crank which is operated by hand. You don’t need to power the juicer with electricity which allows you to enjoy energy savings you would have otherwise missed if you had used an electric juicer.

What Customers Are Saying

The Chef’s star hand crank juicer has countless customer reviews online. First and foremost, almost all positive reviews online praise the juicer for being one of the best manual juicers in the market today for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables including wheat grass. Many people who have bought the Chef’s Star hand crank single-auger juicer praise it for juicing perfectly. The juicer has a 4 out of 5 stars rating after over 300 customer reviews. The rating is very impressive for a manual juicer when you compare the ratings of similar manual juicers.

Many people also find the juicer perfect for travelling. The juicer’s manual operation and strong suction base makes it usable anywhere including outdoor camps, cabins among other places with no electricity. In fact, most reviews reveal that many people buy the juicer simply because it juices perfectly manually without electricity and also because the juicer is small and lightweight. The juicer clearly has superior features for outdoor/travel use.

Many customers also love the fact that the Chef’s star juicer has a strainer that separates the juice from the pulp and seeds perfectly resulting in smooth delicious juice with minimum waste. According to most reviews, the Chef’s star hand crank single-auger is unmatched in terms of maximum juice extraction when you compare the juicer with most manual juicers in the market today.

Customers also love the fact that the juicer is reasonably priced compared to other high quality and effective manual hand crank juicers in the market today. Many owners confess to buying the Chef’s star because the price was too good for a high quality manual juicer that juices perfectly with minimal wastage.

Some customers also like the fact that you don’t need to power the juicer with electricity which offers great energy saving benefits. Most top juicers in the market today are electric but the Chef’s Star manual juicer works as well (if not better) than electric juicers according to many customer reviews. The juicer is highly recommended to people looking for an effective manual juicer that comes with energy saving benefits.

Many reviews also praise the juice for producing healthier juice than most juicers because the juicer is manual thus it doesn’t produce heat which is known to kill nutrients in vegetables and fruits. Heat kills beneficial enzymes in juice. According to many reviews, you should buy this juicer if you are keen on enjoying the maximum nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables you juice.

Users also love the fact that the Chef’s star juicer is easy to clean i.e. you just need to remove the juicer’s easily detachable parts to clean. The juicer has also been praised immensely for its versatility i.e. you can juice any kind of vegetable and fruit you can think of from carrots and wheatgrass to apples, melons and celery.

The juicer is also easy to use according to many reviews. All you need to do is load the juicer with your preferred fruits and/or vegetables and start juicing. The juicer does most of the work for you. All you need to do is move the manual hand crank with your hand which takes a little effort. The juicer’s suction base will keep the juicer frim. The juicer’s strainer will separate the pulp and seeds from the juice allowing you to collect smooth delicious juice. It doesn’t get simpler than that when juicing with a manual juicer.

The Downside

Despite the fact that the Chef’s Star manual single auger juicer has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews online, there are still a number of negative reviews. For instance, some people have raised concerns like; the juicer jams sometimes. This issue can be solved easily by preparing vegetables and fruits as directed or rotating the handle backwards periodically when you encounter the problem. Some people also don’t like the fact that the juicer is made of plastic. It is however important to note that the Chef’s Star manual single auger juicer is made using very strong, sturdy and durable plastics. You shouldn’t therefore worry about the strength or durability of the juicer.


From the above review, it’s clear why the Chef’s Star manual juicer is one of the best manual juicers in the market today. Most importantly, the juicer juices perfectly i.e. better than the most highly priced electric juicers in the market today but with less wastage. Also, you can juice anywhere, juice any fruits and vegetables you can think off, clean the juicer easily etc. Considering the negative reviews can be avoided easily, the Chef’s Star Manual single auger juicer is a strong buy.


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