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Best Vegetables To Juice For Nutritional Value and Taste

What can you juice in a juicer? As you know, vegetable juice is packed with abundant nutrients and vitamins which make it very beneficial for your health and body. But before you go and start juicing all the vegetables you have in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to know what the best juicing vegetables are. Being aware of which vegetable juices and vegetables offer the best nutrient value and taste is the key to making the most nutritious and delicious vegetable juices.

What vegetables are good for juicing? There are a range to choose from, combine together and throw into the juicer. Here is a run through some of the best vegetable juices, along with their benefits and juicing preparation tips:

Carrot juice

  • Many studies have demonstrated that the nutrients in carrots are more bioavailable when juiced compared to just eating them.
  • Have a high concentration of vitamin A (beta carotene), which has many beneficial effects including cancer prevention, as well as a cardio-protective rolebest vegetables to juice carrots
  • Rich in calcium which is great for bones and teeth
  • Excellent source of vitamin C, most B vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium
  • Contains a handful of great cancer-fighting antioxidants, such as alpha carotene, lutein, beta carotene and lycopene.
  • Boosts your immune function and helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Detoxifies your liver and digestive system
  • More carrot juice benefits

Juicing Preparation

  • The juice tastes better with the carrots peeled
  • Cut the tops off, and for older carrots, the tips as well
  • This is the best vegetable for juicing because it makes a great base – you can add almost any vegetable with carrots. Carrot and apple is a classic combination.

Watermelon Juice

  • Great source of vitamins C and A, as well as the antioxidant lycopene
  • 95% of a watermelon’s nutritional content is in the rind. Juicing is an effective way of getting the most nutrients from the watermelon
  • With the seeds and rind, watermelon juice provides a good source of chlorophyll, vitamins B1 & B6, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and iodinebest vegetables to juice watermelon
  • Low in calories (1 cup=48 cal)
  • Naturally sweet and thirst-quenching, making it the best vegetable juice along with its nutritional content

  Juicing Preparation

  • Although the rind is where most of the nutrients are, consider how much to put in because it significantly changes the color and taste of the juice. Add a little rind to begin with and see how you like it.
  • To prepare the rind, it’s best to thinly cut away the outside
  • Skip the seedless variety and go for a watermelon with seeds as the seeds themselves contain beneficial nutrients


  • Rich in protein, low in caloriesbest vegetables to juice asparagus
  • The greener the asparagus, the better – and it comes with a higher source of vitamin C
  • Great detoxifier for your body
  • High folate content
  • Rich in iron, which is great for fighting anemia

 Juicing Preparation

  • The long, slim asparagus stems a ready to juice after you rinse them, with no need to cut off the tough bottoms
  • This green juice is very strong, so you only need to add a little. Always mix it with other juices.


  • Cleanses the liver and digestive system, making them great for a body detox
  • Great for cardiovascular and overall healthbest vegetables to juice peppers
  • Contain important anti-cancer agent lycopene

Juicing Preparation

  • Slightly sweet flavor and works well in combination with vegetable juices
  • Before juicing, slice the top of the pepper off and remove the seeds



  • Rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as other nutrients and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and folic acid
  • Great for cleansing
  • Contains high chlorophyll levels which increase oxygen to blood cellsbest vegetables to juice spinach
  • Spinach is high in protein per calorie and has 14 times the iron per calorie of red meat

Juicing Preparation

  • Pre-washed spinach from a packet can go straight into the juicer
  • Crisp, dark green leaves are best for juicing. Remove any mushy leaves if the spinach has been sitting in the fridge for a few days.


  • Have a high water content rich in nutrients, making them great for the skin, hair and nailsbest vegetables to juice cucumber
  • A cooling juice that helps with regulating the body’s temperature
  • A natural diuretic which reduces high blood pressure

Juicing Preparation

  • Always leave the cucumber skin on because this is where most of the nutritional content is


best vegetables to juice beets

Juicing Preparation

  • Juice the root, stems and leaves of beet after washing them well
  • Beet juice is very concentrated which is why it should never be drunk alone and always needs to be diluted with a milder juice such as carrot or apple


  • Nutrient-dense food
  • Excellent source of vitamins A, B, C and folic acidbest vegetables to juice broccoli
  • Most highly regarded cancer fighting food. It contains high levels of isothiocyanates, indoles and dithiolethiones – thee potent cancer fighting phytochemical groups

Juicing Preparation

  • Wash and cut the broccoli to fit into the hopper
  • All of it goes in. The stem is the best part for juicing – where you get the most juice and nutrients
  • Because it’s taste can be quite strong, its best to always mix with some sweet pineapple or apple juice along with other vegetables


  • Deeper green lettuce varieties such as Romain are more nutrient-dense compared to the common iceberg lettucebest vegetables to juice lettcce
  • Cancer fighting properties
  • Excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin A, iron, potassium, vitamin K, manganese, thiamin, folate and chlorophyll

Juicing Preparation

  • Rinse the leaves individually under the tap
  • Heavy heads of lettuce provide the most juice.
  • It’s best to use leaves that are crisp and have no dark spots. The darker the green color, the better.

Brussels Sprouts

  • Rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, sulfur and potassiumbest vegetables to juice Brussels sprouts
  • Known for cancer prevention and boosting immune function
  • Benefits Of Sprouts

Juicing Preparation

  • Pick brussel sprouts with dull coloured leaves and no wilting. Avoid yellow coloured sprouts.
  • For juicing there’s no need to trim away the leaves, just rinse and pop in the juicer
  • Great for adding to any vegetable juice, but adding too many can give an overpowering taste


  • Creates a nice amount of juice
  • Excellent detoxifier and cleanser for your body and skin because it contains coumarins, a nutrient compound which stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes and toxinsbest vegetables to juice celery
  • Increases immune function and lowers blood pressure
  • Alkaline effect helps prevent diseases and pain

Juicing Preparation

  • Just break off the celery, rinse and juice it all
  • Juicing the celery with its green leaves is beneficial as they contain potassium which balances the stalk’s high sodium content


Juicing Preparation

  • Rinse the leaves well
  • It has a powerful taste so it’s best not to add an excessive amount
  • Best vegetable to juice and add to any other vegetable juices


  • High antioxidant content with important anti-cancer and anti-aging propertiesbest vegetables to juice tomatos
  • Rich in vitamin C and lycopene
  • Good for cleansing the liver and reducing high blood pressure

Juicing Preparation

  • Easier to juice slightly firm tomatoes. Avoid overripe ones.
  • Works well with other vegetable juices, adds great taste and color


  • low in calories, but packed with nutrientsbest vegetables to juice cabbage
  • Great source of vitamins C, K and B6, folate, calcium, iron and manganese

Juicing Preparation

  • Rinse and cut into hopper sized sections for juicing


This overview of the best vegetables for juicing will help you create vegetable juicing recipes that are high in nutritional value and taste great. With a juicer, you can easily get your daily servings of vegetable greens. They provide numerous benefits to your health and contain many essential nutrients your body needs, such as the fiber in vegetables. Excited about making your next vegetable juice? Now that you have a better idea about the best vegetables to juice, you should be!

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