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Benefits of Wheatgrass

Before looking at the health benefits of wheatgrass, it is important to define what wheatgrass is. Wheat grass refers to the shoots of the wheat plant. The shoots have been proven to have many health benefits by many highly qualified doctors in the natural health & healing field i.e. Hippocrates Health Institute doctors; Brian & Anna Maria Clement.benefits of wheatgrass

These doctors among many others have carried out numerous studies to confirm wheatgrass health benefits. Their findings narrow down to one main ingredient found in wheatgrass (chlorophyll). Wheat grass juice contains approximately 70% chlorophyll which is known to have numerous health benefits. Below are some of the main benefits of wheatgrass brought about by chlorophyll among many other nutrients.

Chlorophyll contains enzymes i.e. super-oxide dismutase; a copper containing protein present in mature red blood cells. The enzyme slows down aging by decomposing superoxide radicals present in the body resulting in a more manageable form.

Chlorophyll Is The Best Source of Light Energy

Chlorophyll is undoubtedly the first light product. It is therefore the best source of light energy. Has more light energy than many food elements combined.

Crude Chlorophyll Benefits

Wheatgrass juice contains the best type of chlorophyll (crude chlorophyll) which can be taken as a colon implant or orally without resulting in side effects. In addition, scientists have never found any toxic side effects of wheatgrass green juice when taken in any amount by humans or animals.

Chlorophyll Kills Bacteria

Numerous studies have proven that chlorophyll stunts growth and development of harmful bacteria in the body. This has the obvious benefit of preventing bacterial infections or bacteria related diseases. It is worth noting that chlorophyll can be used in and out of the body like a natural healer. This has been proven through numerous studies carried out by scientists.

One of the most notable studies proving that Chlorophyll kills bacteria was carried out by the U.S. Army. In an experiment, the U.S. Army exposed guinea pigs to serious doses of bacteria. The guinea pigs were then divided into two groups. One group was fed with chlorophyll rich vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage while the other was fed with normal feeds. The guinea pigs which were fed with chlorophyll rich vegetables experienced a reduced mortality rate by over 50%.

Wheatgrass Is a Superior Nutrients Absorber

It is important to note that chlorophyll can be extracted from numerous plants. Wheatgrass however stands out as a superior source of chlorophyll because it contains over 100 important elements. According to numerous research studies, wheatgrass absorbs 92 out of the total 115 minerals found in organic soil.

Wheatgrass Ointments Have Skin Healing Benefits

Numerous research studies have proven the effectiveness of wheatgrass ointments in treating a variety of skin diseases/problems i.e. itching, dry eczema, skin conditions caused by insect bites, ivy poisoning e.t.c.

Chlorophyll Has Antiseptic Benefits

According to the American Journal of Surgery 1940, Benjamin Gruskin MD recommends chlorophyll because of its antiseptic benefits. He makes his recommendations based on numerous studies carried out by him and his team on the clinical uses of chlorophyll. From the findings of his many studies, he suggests that chlorophyll clears up bad odours, heals wounds, neutralizes strep infections, hastens skin grafting, clears inner ear infections and inflammations, reduces varicose veins, heals rectal sores, eliminates parasitic vaginal infections and lastly reduces typhoid fever.

Wheatgrass Juice Increases Hemoglobin Production

Numerous studies have also proven that wheatgrass juice dissolves scars formed in the lungs as a result of breathing in acid gases. The juice therefore minimizes the effects of carbon monoxide since hemoglobin production is increased by chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass Improves Brain & Body Tissues Function

It is important to note that wheatgrass contains high amounts of oxygen like most green plants with chlorophyll. This offers a very important benefit; supplying vital body organs and tissues with oxygen which in turn ensure they function optimally.

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Blood Building

Chlorophyll is a vital blood builder. This can be attributed to the fact that chlorophyll molecules closely resemble hemin molecules; the pigment that binds with protein forming hemoglobin. The main difference between chlorophyll and hemin is the presence of magnesium in chlorophyll molecule’s central atom. Hemin molecules contain iron.

Wheatgrass Is a Powerful Detoxifier

One of the most important wheatgrass juice benefits is detoxification. Wheatgrass juice has been proven to be more superior in terms of its detoxification properties when you compare it with carrot juice among other best vegetables for juicing i.e. asparagus, spinach, cucumber, beets, broccoli, lettuce, brussels sprouts, celery, kale, tomato and cabbage.

Dental Benefits

Wheatgrass juice has been proven to help prevent tooth decay. This can be attributed to the bacterial killing benefits of chlorophyll.


From the above information, there in no doubt that wheatgrass is one of the most important foods. According to many nutritionists and health experts, everyone should take at least one glass of wheatgrass juice daily to enjoy the many proven health benefits. Wheatgrass easily qualifies as the best vegetable to green juice. Incase you don’t have access to the vegetable in its natural form, you can use wheatgrass powder as an alternative.


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