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The Many Health Benefits of Juicing Kale

When it comes to health and wellness, there are a lot of people that swear by juicing. It’s definitely taking the world by storm, and rightfully so, it is a powerful tool for healthy living. If you’re interested in getting a handle on juicing, or you already have been attempting to jump on board with this process, you will no doubt want to look into adding kale into the mix. There are a great deal of benefits that are applied to eating kale on a regular basis. Consider the following reasons why the answer to your health concerns could in fact be a matter of this green, leafy vegetable.

Kale is a nutrient dense member of the cruciferous family. Related to cabbage and broccoli its health inducing nutrients range from vitamins A, the Bs, C, D and K as well as a number of minerals. This rich variety, place kale among the healthiest foods and it is often referred to as the miracle food. Unfortunately, many if not most of these nutrients frequently pass through the human digestive tract without being absorbed. Unlike herbivores that are equipped with the necessary enzymes to break down the cellulose structure of this vegetable, human digestive tracts are ill equipped to grab and hold the nutrients as they move through our system. The primary benefit of juicing kale is accessing the store of nutrition. Juicing is considered to be a means of unlocking a food’s true potential, freeing up nutrients that would otherwise remain locked away in the plant’s indigestible cellulose.

Introducing The Super Food

There are only a few foods in the natural world that have been given the “super” tagline. This is one of them. Whether you eat it raw, or you cook it, it has a great deal of benefits that start with cholesterol busting elements. If that wasn’t enough, it has protein, fiber, and has been studied and confirmed to help stave off free radicals in the system. It is widely know that free radicals can turn into cancerous cells, which is why some may call this a miracle vegetable in many ways. While it has a great deal of potential, when you’re juicing, you’ll start to see even greater dividends in terms of weight loss, and overall lifestyle shifts.

The nutrients in kale are credited with fighting a variety of cancers. Kale’s cancer preventive benefits have been clearly linked to its unusual concentration of two types of antioxidants – carotenoids and flavonoids. Vitamin K is essential in bone density.  Kale also aids in cardio vascular health, lowering of cholesterol, oxidizing blood among other benefits.   With all these benefits of eating kale it would seem to be a staple in daily diets however its sometimes bitter flavor and the green texture discourages many from including this miracle green leaf on a regular basis.  Another benefit of juicing kale is simply making it not only more digestible but also more palatable.

To combat the sometimes somewhat bitter flavor, kale can be combined with a variety of fruits which cut that ‘green’ taste.  A simple smoothie of ½ a cantaloupe, ½ cup orange juice and three kale leaves gives a terrific nutritional punch in a flavorful cocktail that masks the green leaf flavor.  Add honey, berries and/or nuts to change up both the nutritional value and the yummy factor.  Another benefit of juicing kale – it combines well with a variety of other healthy foods to maximize your health benefit per serving.   Almost all fruits and vegetables can be juiced in order to access their store of nutrients, but juices made from fresh leafy greens are considered the best options due to their nutritional load.   Kale is superior to most if not all other leafy greens.  Beware, however of overusing fruit as the sugar levels produced can be detrimental to your intended goal.

Breaking Down The Benefits of Juicing Kale

Exploring the health benefits of juicing this vegetable is not just a matter of breaking down milligrams of vitamins and minerals, it’s a matter of defining the elements and considering how it can help in a variety of ways. The following is a simple breakdown of how it helps the body get a helping hand in wellness.

Antioxidant Delivery System

The first major factor you will find is in terms of antioxidants. Studies indicate that the more antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables you consume on a regular basis, the more benefits you’ll see as a whole. This delivers a great deal of nutrients to the digestive system, helps metabolize sugars, and creates a spike in the metabolic rate. When looking at weight loss supplements, you’ll often times hear about the nutrients they provide, well, here is a natural way to invigorate the digestive track and stave off serious ailments. Some studies even found that cancer, heart disease, and other cardiovascular issues started to reverse due in large part to the cruciferous vegetable group that kale belongs to. While it may not be a “cure”, it most certainly can be seen as a preventative measure.

Omega-3 Fat

Not all fat is bad for you. One powerful fat can help lower bad cholesterol and help keep the cardiovascular system in good shape. That fatty acid is known as omega-3 and it is usually found in fish oil. This green plant has plenty and it’s 100% natural, derived from the cell content. This delivers an incredible amount of anti-inflammatory substance to the body. The numbers indicate that only 100 calories of the vegetable could deliver 350 milligrams of omega-3. The more kale you take, the higher the index, giving the cardiovascular system a huge boost.

Digestive Health Benefits

Kale has an incredible amount of fiber. The fiber content helps with stomach bacterial lining, and helps ease digestion overall. The numbers indicate roughly 7 grams of fiber per the 100 calories you would normally consume. Juicing can triple the content, as you could get a lot of resources from the plant matter in the juice. The same sort of benefit you would get from other vegetables like broccoli is present here as well.

The list of benefits can continue for quite a long list. You’ll find that the calcium content is high, vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin a, b-complex vitamins, and many other nutrients are found in the green leafy vegetable. Just a quarter cup of this and it can push the immune system, deliver nutrients to the eyes, lungs, blood, digestive system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system and even help with blood cell development in the bone marrow.

Kale is considered one of the super foods; so grab a bunch, and make some fresh healthy green juice.

What Type of Juicer Should I Buy For Kale?

To maximize the benefits of juicing kale you need to use the proper juicer that is capable of extracting the nutrient value found in kale.  ‘Smoothie’ juicers do not have the ability to break down the cellulose in kale.

To maximize the benefits of juicing kale, you will need the right kind of juicer.  The centrifugal juicer (with a basket and spinning blade in the center) used largely in smoothies is generally not sufficient to extract the juice in kale.  For the best juicing consider a Omega VRT350 or the Omega J8006.  These high powered tools will allow you to achieve the highest benefits from juicing kale.  Other methods are unable to break down this vegetable’s cellulose and produce the green health juice that revs your body’s energy and stamina.

So juice away.  A few of the benefits of juicing kale have been highlighted here.  As with any change in your dietary habits, do not overuse your new find but rather incorporate juicing into your daily regimen.  Juicing kale is meant to enhance your overall health but as with anything do not use too much of your new found good thing.  Enjoy a daily serving of juiced kale, ideally taken 20 minutes before a meal and prepare for the best benefit of juicing kale – an overall feeling of health and wellbeing.



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