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Great Benefits Of Grapefruit Juice

A Grapefruit is a large orange-like subtropical citrus fruit with a slightly sour and bitter taste. The fruit’s origin can be traced back to Barbados where it was first grown as a cross between sweet orange and pomelo. The fruit was named grapefruit because the fruit grows in a cluster like grapes. Grapefruit sizes vary depending on many things the most notable being variety.

A typical grapefruit can range between 4 to 6 inches in diameter. The white matter under the fruit’s skin or albedo can range between a quarter and half an inch in thickness. Grapefruit skin resembles that of a typical orange. The flesh can however vary in color from white to pink or red. Benefits of Grapefruit JuiceLike most citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C.

The fruit is also rich in natural sugars, citric acid, Vitamin A, E, K and B complex as well as essential oils like pinene, limonene and citral. The fruit is also rich in minerals i.e. folate, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. In regards to phytonutrients, the fruit contains flavonoids, liminoids, glucarates and lycopene. Below are some of the main health benefits of grapefruit juice to help you understand why you should juice the fruit more often.


Juicing Health Benefits

To reap all the health benefits when juicing or eating grapefruit, you should peel of the skin leaving as much albedo as possible because it is rich in bioflavonoids among other anti-cancer agents. Below are some of the main health benefits of grapefruit juice.


Treats Acidity

Although grapefruit is a citrus fruit with a sub-acidic taste, grapefruit juice has an alkaline reaction in the digestive system. The juice is therefore effective in treating acidity problems responsible for causing many health problems.


Reduces Cancer Risks

Numerous studies have proved that grapefruit juice plays a direct role in reducing breast cancer risks. This can be linked to the presence of bioflavonoids in grapefruit juice. Bioflavonoids have been proven to stop cancer cells from spreading especially in breast cancer patients. The bioflavonoids manage this by eliminating excess estrogen in the body.


Treating Common Cold

Common colds are usually a sign that the body has been overworked. Drinking grapefruit juice during stressful periods has been proven to boost the immune system. As well, drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice soothes coughs and cures sore throats.


Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Grapefruit juice has also been proven to regulate cholesterol levels by reducing excessive cholesterol production from the liver. Grapefruit juice achieves this with the help of a number of phytonutrients. This helps to prevent cholesterol related health problems.


Promotes Digestion

Grapefruit juice also promotes digestion by increasing gastric juice flow. This benefit is enjoyed to the fullest when grapefruit juice is prepared with the maximum amount of albedo and pith because these two ingredients offer extra soluble fiber which is important in promoting digestion.


Dispels Fatigue

According to a number of research studies, grapefruit juice is capable of dispelling fatigue and tiredness when taken alongside lemon juice and honey. The mixture boosts energy erasing tiredness and fatigue because it is rich in calories.


Insomnia Benefits

Grapefruit juice also has sleep benefits. According to numerous research studies, grapefruit juice promotes sleep alleviating insomnia. It is therefore advisable to take grapefruit juice before bedtime if you suffer from insomnia.


Promotes Weight Loss

This is another very important grapefruit juice benefit. Grapefruit juice promotes weight loss because it contains a number of fat burning enzymes which absorb and reduce starch and sugar levels in the body.



In summary, the above benefits are adequate enough to convince anyone to start taking grapefruit juice today. The fruit clearly offers many unique health benefits which are foreign in most fruit juices.

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